American Express® Cathay Pacific Corporate Card Programme

Choose between 30,000 Asia MilesTM or a Priority Pass membership.

Earn up to 30,000 Asia Miles for your Company.

The American Express Cathay Pacific Corporate Card Programme provides your Company with real savings, generous rewards and smart solutions – and is the only corporate card programme in Hong Kong that rewards both the Company and Card Members with Asia Miles. Sign up by 31 December 2015 and enjoy a Welcome Offer of up to 45,000 Asia Miles for your Company.


Welcome Offer 迎新優惠^



Enjoy these rewards


Every HK$25,000 spent in the first 3 full months after you sign



(up to 高達30,000)

Successfully enrol 3 or more cards





Up to 高達 45,000

PLUS 1st year Fee Waiver for all Cardmembers

Start consolidating your business spending immediately and earn more Asia Miles for your Company's business expenses with the Spend to Earn promotion from now to 31 October 2015.

•    Upon registration, Companies earn 1 Asia Mile for every HKD10 spent on Cathay Pacific and
     Dragonair flight tickets, with an additional 1,000 Asia Miles when Card Members
     spend HKD20,000 or more in a single transaction
•    Elite Card Members earn 1 Asia Mile for every HKD8 spent on all local and overseas transactions.
•    Green Card Members will continue to earn 1 Asia Mile for every HKD12 spent on all card transactions.

Find out how your Company and employees can start earning Asia Miles with the American Express Cathay Pacific Corporate Card today!


•    成功申請,憑卡簽付國泰航空及港龍航空機票,每10港元可為貴公司賺取1「亞洲萬里通」里數;
     單次簽賬 滿20,000港元或以上,會員可享額外1,000「亞洲萬里通」里數。
•    此外,尊尚公司卡會員於本地或海外簽賬,每8港元可賺取1「亞洲萬里通」里數。
•    公司卡會員憑卡簽賬,每12港元可賺取1「亞洲萬里通」里數。


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